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Enhance Your Simulations and Training

In-Situ Patient Simulation

Use the VitalsBridge with your manikins or standardized patients and any clinical patient monitor for a more realistic simulation. You control the simulation from the VitalsBridge Connector App or your patient simulator's software interface and vital signs are seamlessly updated on a real patient monitor.

Higher Fidelity Simulation

Improve the realism and effectiveness of your critical care simulations by using the VitalsBridge. This enables you to train clinicians on how to use more complex patient monitoring functions.

Low Fidelity Simulation

Use the VitalsBridge to enhance simulation of low fidelity manikins by displaying vital signs on your real patient monitor.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Simulation

With the addition of capnography afforded by the VitalsBridge, you can realistically simulate codes according to updated Advanced Cardiac Life Support guidelines.

EMR Training in the Simulation Lab

Capture simulator vital signs with any combination of monitor and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system automatically. This is ideal for simulation-based training of EMRs and testing new EMR installations/updates.

Standardized Patient Simulation

Display vital signs on your real patient monitor that match your simluation scenario using the VitalsBridge.



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VitalsBridge In Action

VitalsBridge Small Monitor

VitalsBridge Blue Monitor