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VITALSBRIDGE 100, 200, 300

VitalsBridge 100, 200, 300

Ensure your VitalsBridge looks like one pictured above and that your serial number (on bottom of unit) begins with vb30xxxx, vb20xxxx, or vb10xxxx. If it does not, please check the VitalsBridge legacy downloads.

Brief Setup Guides for the VitalsBridge 100/200/300

  1. Introduction
  2. VitalsBridge to Patient Monitor Connection Guide
  3. VitalsBridge Connector Software Guide
  4. Communication Guide
  5. Using the VitalsBridge with a Patient Simulator
  6. Using the VitalsBridge with a Standardized Patient
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Additional Features


VITALSBRIDGE 2.0 Legacy Downloads

Download software for legacy VitalsBridge products here.